How to get there

Where is it?
From port to campus

Where is it?

Well, we could start from the fact that Helsinki University of Technology is not exactly located in Helsinki, but a neighboring town Espoo about 7 kilometers from the center of Helsinki. The large campus area is called Otaniemi and contains both large number of school buildings and a student village for about 1500 students. (Originally, campus was designed by Alvar Aalto.)

Here we give you some guidance to get there in form of timetables and other useful links. Remember, if you come by a ship, we will most likely be there receiving you. So do not worry! :) But, in case you decide to come on your own or outside the herds, there's info on this page about getting there on your own.


Kalle Svensson has thought of arriving a bit more organized from Sweden and Norway; you may take contact to him at the address kalle (at)

There are ships coming to Helsinki at these times (please check these from ship companies, there can always be a mistake):

Silja line
Stockholm-Helsinki 17.00-09.30
            Every day on Serenade or Symphony
Helsinki-Stockholm 17.00-09.30
            Every day on Serenade or Symphony
Stockholm 27/03 klo 16.50  Helsinki   28/03 klo 09.55
Helsinki  30/03 klo 17.30  Stockholm  31/03 klo 09.30
Special offer

There is also a 50% discount on some Silja cruises, called Silja Seapex. No idea what it's about, but better check it out. It doesn't apply to groups, so one should reserve trip on his/her own.

See more information:
Silja Line
Viking Line, Finnish pages (in English)
Viking Line, Swedish pages

From port to campus

From Helsinki port, which is on the west side of Helsinki, is still a a few kilometers to Otaniemi campus. If you come by a boat on Friday morning, we'll take care of you after your arrival at the port. But if you need to come on your own, you may need to use public transportation.

Easiest is to use bus number 102, which will have its last stop at Otaniemi student village.

Public transportation page of Helsinki
Public transportation page of Espoo
Bus 102


In case you arrive by a bus or get otherwise very lost, we collect a few maps here for you.

Type in your location and destination (in the capital region, of course:) and it will give you the route, bus/metro/tram timetables and a map.