Registration address is

Registration to the conference begins on Friday 21.2.2003. Registration is group registration: register all participants from one club at once! (Theoretical) limit for participation is 200 people, so there should be room for everybody.

Registration closes at the beginning of March (3.3)! Even if you haven't got all the info about the participants, you should send the number of participants so that everyone will get their conference stuff!

Registration is done by email to the address Our contact person is Kim Dikert (kdikert (at), and questions about participating should be sent to him. All registered participants will be listed in these pages.

We need the following info:

General info

Personal info (for each of the participants)

Submit your t-shirt size from HERE!

Conference fee will be 40 euros. Fee includes presentations, conference stuff (t-shirt, conference program, name tag etc.), food (everything which is marked on the schedule), sitsit (formal dinner) on Saturday and other prearranged activities.