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TOU TOU is an action paced side-view game, developed by a small group called GigaMess. The basic idea is to fly a spaceship in order to wipe out your enemies. Terrain explodes in thousands of pieces, you hear your troopers screaming in pain, your ship starts smoking and you shoot that final dumbfire towards the enemyship and BOOM. Sounds familiar? Well, TOU has many improvements to the classic genre. First of all, TOU is totally free and you can start downloading it here. It's a pretty big download (18 megabytes) but has lots to offer:

In TOU, there are 4 hand drawn levels, millions of generated levels with 6 photorealistic themes, 7 deathmatch styles, over 70 special weapons and over 10 basic weapons. Special weapons vary a great deal, and only few of them are meant for straight shooting. Turrets, troopers, fireworks, bombs, nuclei and Komet Bomb 3s (remember these? every seventh komet bomb is a dud, just like in real life). But most of the weapons are just too strange to describe in a single word.

I'm sure you'll also love TOUs music tracks. Rock / heavy, techno and movie music packed in OGG-format

Creative people can do lots of thing with TOU: their own levels, generator themes and use their own musics. TOU supports at least mp3,mod,xm,st3,it,wma.

Feel free to send any kind of feedback. Also you can read the full TOU manual (comes with the game, too).

TOU scores on some sites:

What people have said:

  • "This game is great! I've been playing it for days now with all my friends." (on gamehippo.com). Correction by the quote author two years later: "for years"
  • "one of the best freeware games ive tried, should be given a 10" (on gamehippo.com)
  • "Good game, not up to par with Japaneese prettiness, though. It'd be more fun online." (on gamehippo.com) Damn - I'd do anything to get on par with Japanese prettyness!
  • "this game deserves a 10! its a very frantic blow the crap outa him nonsense with alot o weapons! get it now its cool" (on gamehippo.com)
  • "This game sucks." (on gamehippo.com) Hey, I can't be too one sided here with the quotes ;)
  • "TOU is a GREAT game, I just played it with my little brother for 5 hours [...]" (on suomipelit.com)
  • "Excellent game! Definitely worth trying!" (on suomipelit.com)

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