Buenos is a University Educational Nutshell Operating System

Buenos is a small operating system skeleton which can be used as a base for operating systems project courses. Buenos runs in a machine simulator called YAMS, which is also available here.

YAMS is a machine simulator which emulates the MIPS32 architecture CPU close enough (should be fully compliant, but we can't claim that it is) to allow cross compilation with standard MIPS32 compiler back-ends. YAMS also provides a very simple device interface to the simulated memory, disks, network interfaces, terminals and a real-time clock.

To use Buenos and YAMS, cross compilation build of GCC is needed to compile mips32-elf binaries. Here are instructions on how to build cross compiling GCC for Buenos.

Recent news:

[2016-02-09] Buenos 1.1.3 and YAMS 1.4.2 released

These releases fix ELF handling to ignore the PT_MIPS_ABIFLAGS header in order to support newer binutils that emit that header.