Apilas The Apilas tank killer being fired.
Light AT-missile Light anti-tank missile being fired from a BMP-1 light tank.
BMP-1 BMP-1 light tank from behind.
BMP-1 Officer candidate Alestalo (left) and sergeant Nykänen with their AK-47's on top of a BMP-1.
Camp fire Tired soldiers getting a break after a hard day.
Setting up tents At the base camp, last day before leaving.
MT-LVB Mechanized pioneers on the move.
BMP-1s A platoon of BMP-1's getting ready to attack.
BMP-1 in camouflage A squad of mechanized infantry. Well, actually just a mixed bunch from a platoon on a break before combat training.
Officer candidates Officer candidates of the mechnanized infantry. Left to right: Ranta, Kuusela, Viitanen, Seppälä, Koivisto, Hillo, Liinavirta, Alestalo. Down: Louhivuori, Pajunen, Nieminen.
T-72 A T-72 re-grouping after attack.
Modified BMP-1 Artillery targetting version of the BMP-1 tank.