Usage privileges

Niksula workstations and services are primarily meant for CSE students. Using them is allowed only with a personal user account. Using or “borrowing” the accounts of other users is strictly prohibited, whether you have the account owner’s permission or not.

Applying for an account or recovering a lost password requires proving your identity to the administration (the student card is enough).

Remember: the ability to use Niksula services is a privilege, not a right.

Niksula code of conduct

These basic rules must be observed while using Niksula services. Breaking the code of conduct may result in a temporary or permanent loss of your usage privileges.


Handle all hardware, furniture and other materials present in Paniikki in a clean and appropriately careful fashion so that they will last longer. In the event that something does break, immediately notify the administration so that it can be fixed. Do not attempt repairs yourself.


Shutting down, rebooting or booting the machines is the admins’ job. Keep your hands off the power switch.

Turning off or rebooting any Niksula machine is grounds for temporary or permanent termination of your user account.


Despite users’ continued attempts to use the monitors as pointing devices, Niksula still does not have touch screens. Keep your fingers off the displays. Like the computers, the monitors should not be turned off. They will enter power-save after a period of inactivity.


Keeping Paniikki clean is important for everyone’s comfort. Clean up after yourself: don’t leave trash, soda bottles, coffee cups, papers or anything else lying around on the desks or hardware. If your hands are dirty, wash them before touching the keyboard.

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