Version 1.3.3 out NOW (15th of Nov)!

What is this ?

Intel2GAS is a converter that will convert assembler source files written for NASM to files that can be assembled using the GNU Assembler (GAS), on the i386 platform. It provides support for basic MMX instructions as well.

This converter was written for the Hermes project and is now released to the general public. The code inside this converter is extremely flexible, you can write a syntax file to convert between any two assembler languages on a good day.. :)


  • Basic opcodes are done
  • MMX/FPU support (converts all Hermes files :)
  • Preliminary Gas2Intel conversion
  • Conversion from masm/tasm to gnu syntax
Here's the Changelog for the latest version.


You can get the source code right  here, it uses autoconf and should compile under most UNIXs (maybe DJGPP and CygWin32 as well):

You can also get the following binaries:  
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