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Not surprisingly The Schememonster's Friends consists of a small elite. We are only 7 at the moment, but there will be more people falling for the beauty of Scheme. We have foreseen it.

  • Catharina Candolin - The creator. Small. Mad. Dangerous. Drinks Coca-Cola occasionally. Loves technical gizmos... and her Leatherman.

  • Johan Wallén - Jessica. Fat. Weird. Likes pink and flowered stuff. Likes to almost crash his mother's car. Likes foxtraps.

  • Christian Elg - The Moose. Writes non-working spam-scripts (we'll teach him) :).

  • Peter Salin - hasn't made a fool of himself yet (we'll teach him).

  • Tomas Lindberg - Also known as little Tomas. You do not want to know why. Everybody's granddaddy.

  • Markus Andersson - His mother used to have a mobile phone. But then he met the first two on this list...

  • Henrik Weckström - the newcomer.

And we are proud of beeing nerds!

How to become a member?

You don't. Members are selected by divine means (by the Schememonster). And don't come to us and cry about it!

The biggest idiots of us are Catharina Candolin and Johan Wallén who spent a lot of time making these pages...and will spend even more time writing the programs... and we're proud of it!

If you want to contact the Schememonster's Friends, please send an email to:,

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