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Spirit world, the realm of psyche, is formed of the mental sensations of living beings: emotions, thoughts, sensations, etc. It is something totally different from the hard world. For example, in the spirit world ones place is completely defined by ones mental activity. When your thoughts fly from one thing to another, as they normally do, your spiritual manifestation, whatever it might look like, flies with them from one place to another.

Each living being is present in the spirit world by means of his/hers/its mental activity. In addition the spirit world has beings that do not have a representative in the hard world at all. These free spirits are purely mental beings with no direct connection to the hard world. The strongest of these free spirits are called Immortals.

Beings of the hard world can consciously "enter" the spirit world by "leaving", through meditation or medication, their physical form behind. By spending long times in the spirit world like this they can learn to navigate the psychic realm and interact in it. The other way around, the free spirits can influence the hard world by taking control of a beings mental representation.

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Spirit world

Spirit world is a domain of its own. Natural laws (of the hard world) do not hold there, but it has laws of its own. One of the basic laws is that "LIKE DRAWS LIKE". The spirit stuff has mental properties corresponding to feelings, attitudes, knowledge, moods, etc. In the near-infinite dimension of the spirit world, spirit stuff with similar properties tend to drift towards each other. This property of the spirit world has over time created "areas" of love, hate, depression, ecstasy, pessimism, optimism and so on. On the edges (and elsewhere by some random occurances) you can find more complex emotions. Of course there are areas where human emotions have never even ventured...

Another basic law is that "LIKE PRODUCES LIKE". Spirit stuff interacts with its surroundings so that it tries to imprint its properties upon its immediate neighbourhood. This has created areas of pure feelings and pure moods (even pure knowledge) in the spirit world. Interaction in the spirit world is based on controlling this process. Like a child, a new spiritual entity first learns to percieve the Spirit world around it and gradually learns to control it (and itself), too.

A particular place of interest lies in the realm of perception. Almost every bonded spirit (see below) can be found from here by going to the place that they are mentally percieving at the time. Not an easy place to navigate, though, since everything in this place transforms with the perceptions of its inhabitants.

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There are entities (conscious beings, acting according to their own will) in the spirit world. These entities are mixtures of different kinds of mental properties and operate normally on the edges of the pure areas. For the self-integrity of these entities it is very dangerous to venture into the pure, or deep, areas of the spirit world: unless very stable, the entities are quickly consumed by the idea that governes that particular area. On the other hand, if the idea in the area is complex enough, there may be entities, archtypal representations/paladins, within the deep areas, too. It should be noted that a very stable entity can start to create a pure area around it. Many of the more complex pure areas have formed this way.

The entities of the spirit world can be roughly divided to three categories:

archtypal spirits
Born on the Spirit world, these are conscious representations of certain spiritual properties. Many of these are actually degenerated free spirits. There are several classes of these spirits regarding intelligence and spiritual power. Typically they are not very intelligent (they are filled with one, although sometimes quite complex, thought/idea only after all), but some of them are immensely powerful.
bonded spirits (true dreamers)
The spiritual parts of beings in the hard world. These spirits share a bond of fate with their physical counterpart. Bonded spirits can sometimes act consciously. Conscious actions always require that the being has somehow blocked the physical world from his mind and has entered the Spirit world either by meditation, using stimulants or by some other means. For example dreaming beings sometimes enter the Spirit world and gain conscious control of their actions ("True dreams"). Ordinary bonded spirits do not act consciously and the only thing that separates them from the spirit stuff itself is that they retain some shape over time. Bonded spirits are the most common entities in the Spirit world by far, and also the weakest. They are also protected from the most dangerous situations in the Spirit world, like being trapped in the Deep places, by the fact that they constantly get some input from their physical counterpart and thus change their place.
free spirits (immortals, ghosts)
Originally bonded spirits, these have lost or broken their contact with their physical counterpart. Most of them are ghosts of little power and limited attention over anything else except their fixation point, which may be some person or place, a deed not done or a crime not avenged. Some however are spirits of great power (the more power the older they are) who have broken their chains of fate with their physical body usually at the time of death. Unlike ghosts these can stay active thousands of years and are therefore called Immortals.

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Spirit and other realms

Spirit world and the Hard world are linked together by fate. Each bonded spirit has a common fate with its physical counterpart and through this link the two worlds interact: mental state (perceptions, feelings, state of mind) of the person in the hard world is reflected in his spirit, but on the other hand what happens to the spirit in the spirit world also effects the mental state of the physical being. Normally the effect between worlds is only a weak one, but if the bonded spirit is manipulated in the spirit world it can have drastic effects on the behaviour of the physical person.

Berserks are examples of people who have dived far into the deep areas. Usually initiated by some great emotion of hate, despair or even certain mental exercises developed just for the purpose the person is filled with emotion of hatred and will for violence. His spirit is caught in a deep area of the spiritworld.

Interaction between Spirit and Fate realms is more subtle. Like in the case of the hard world, the fate ultimately determines what happens to a particular spirit.

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